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Belaurussian State University was built in year 1921 in Minsk.What is the ranking of Belaurussian State University?
According to website the ranking of Belaurussian State University is 1 in belarus and 506 in the worldFaculties and Education Institutes
Faculty of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science
Faculty of Biology
Faculty of Chemistry
Faculty of Economics
Faculty of Geography
Faculty of History
Faculty of International Relations
Faculty of Law
Faculty of Social and Cultural Communications
Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics
Faculty of Philology
Faculty of Philosophy and Social Science
Faculty of Physics
Faculty of Radiophysics and Computer Technologies
Institute of Journalism
State Institute of Management and Social Technologies
School of Business and Management of Technology
English Language Department for the Science Faculties
Department of English for Humanities
Military Faculty
Department of Pedagogics
Institute for retraining and qualification upgrading of judges, prosecutors and legal professionals at the Belarusian state university
Faculty of Pre-University Education
International Sakharov Environmental Institute of Belarusian State UniversitStudents can start their course in Belaurussian State University at SEPTEMBER, DECEMBER , FEBRUARY and MAYMathematics and Mechanics: 2700$

Applied Mathematics and Computer Science: 3200$

Physics: 2700$

Radio Physics and Electronics: 3200 $

Chemistry: 2700$

Biology: 2700$

Geography: 2700$

History: 2700$

Economics: 3300$

Philosophy and Social Studies: 2900$

Journalism: 2900$

International Relations:3950$

Philology: 2900_3950$


Liberal Arts: 2900_3950$

Courses of Russian / Belarusian as a foreign language: 1890_2500$


Cost depends on the type of accommodation and varies from 20 to 40 US dollars per month


An estimated living expenses and personal costs could be based on the following average figures
Lunch / Dinner at the students canteen is up to 7 US dollars
Minimum set of foodstuff – 60 US dollars / per week
Monthly full-package traffic pass – 15 US dollars per month
International Phone calls expenses – from 10 US dollars per week1.Translation copies verified by the notary (in case the documents are not in Russian) of the documents with supplements of the studied subjects and the marks given (secondary education certificate/higher education diploma and it supplements; other certificates on various courses, Pre-university faculty certificate, the Russian language courses, courses on foreign language and etc.).

2. Copy of the translation into Russian verified by the notary (in case it is not in Russian) of a medical conclusion about the health condition issued by the official authority of the country from which the applicant arrived (medical conclusion sample); for Turkmenistan citizens a medical certificate on 086/h form is required (with the translation into the Russian language);

3. HIV-test certificate with the translation into the Russian language (in case the document is not in Russian);

4. Passport copy valid for the time of studies with the translation into the Russian language (in case the document is not in Russian);

5. Birth certificate copy with the translation into the Russian language (in case the document is not in Russian) – for 17 years old applicants.