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In this short text we will provide you some necessary information about the Columbia International College whose main campus is in Canada.

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Columbia International College is one of our trusted academic institutes and the link to its website can be found at the end of this article.

International mixture of students has always been their target to have a multicultural atmosphere and experience for applicants and to provide proper, professional and credible educational services to students.

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Columbia International College was built in year 1978 in Hamilton, Ontario.What is the ranking of Columbia International College?

According to website the ranking of Columbia International College is 5865 in Canada.

  • ARTS
  • Dramatic Arts                                                     
  • Music                                                     
  • Visual Arts                                   
  • World Religions                                                                                           
  • Accounting                                                                                         
  • Information and Communication Tech. in Business                                                                                           
  • Economics                                                                                         
  • Marketing                                                                                           
  • International Business                                                                                         
  • Business Leadership                                                                                         
  • Sports and Entertainment Marketing                                                                                         
  • Computer Science                                                                                         
  • Computer and Information Technology                                                       
  • Languages
  • English                                                       
  • English as a Second Language                                                                                         
  • Chinese                                                                        
  • French                                   
  • English (Literature)                                                                                         
  • English (Writer’s Craft)                                                                                         
  • Ontario Literacy Course                                                                        
  • Media Studies                                                                                           
  • Physical Education                                                       
  • Kinesiology/Exercise Science                                                                                         
  • Co-operative Education                                                                        
  • Mathematics
  • Advanced Functions                                                                                         
  • Calculus and Vectors                                                                                         
  • Mathematics of Data Management                                                                                         
  • General Science                                                                          
  • Science and Technology                                                       
  • Physics                                                                                         
  • Chemistry                                                                                         
  • Biology                                                                        
  • Anthropology, Psychology, Sociology                                                                                           
  • Canadian History                                                                                           
  • Families In Canada                                                                                         
  • Food and Nutrition                                                                                         
  • Geography                                   
  • History                                                       
  • World History                                                                                         
  • Leadership and Peer Support                                                                                           
  • Career Studies                                                                                           
  • Individual and Family Living                                                                                           
  • Challenge and Change in Society                                                                                         
  • The Environment and Resource Management                                                                                           
  • Civics                                                                                           
  • Law                                                                                         
  • Philosophy: Questions and Theories                                                                                         
  • Literacy and Social Justice                                                       
  • Learning Strategies/Skills for Success                                                                                           
  • Interdisciplinary Studies-Media                                                                                         
  • ESL Support Programs
  • Learning Support

Students can start their course in Columbia International College according to the following dates:

  • JUNIOR MIDDLE SCHOOL – GRADE 7, 8: September and January
  • HIGH SCHOOL – GRADE 9, 10, 11,12: July, August, October, January, March and May

The cost of study in Columbia International College is as follows:

  • JUNIOR MIDDLE SCHOOL – GRADE 7, 8 (10 months): $24,610
  • HIGH SCHOOL – GRADE 9, 10, 11,12 (9.5 months): $19,688 (8 Courses)
  • HIGH SCHOOL – GRADE 9, 10, 11,12 (6 months): $14,766 (6 Courses)

  • Required of documents for applying in Columbia International College is as follows:
    • Completed Application for Admission
    • Copy of School or Academic Transcript
    • External Exam Results (optional)


  • JUNIOR MIDDLE SCHOOL – GRADE 7, 8 (10 months): $6,550 (double shared room)
  • HIGH SCHOOL – GRADE 9, 10, 11,12 (9.5 months): $6,222.50 (double shared room)
  • HIGH SCHOOL – GRADE 9, 10, 11,12 (6 months): $3930 (double shared room)

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