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How good is  Federal University of North Caucasus (Stavropol)?

How do we introduce  Federal University of North Caucasus (Stavropol)?

Is  Federal University of North Caucasus (Stavropol)a good and proper one for your target?


In this short text we will provide you some necessary information about the  Federal University of North Caucasus (Stavropol)  whose main campus is in Russia.

Please note that this information is our findings on  Federal University of North Caucasus (Stavropol), you may also research more about the mentioned institute yourself and gain more data about it.

We would like to emphasize that we intend to be honest and impartial toward our customers, so for more information, we encourage you to do your own research.

 Federal University of North Caucasus (Stavropol)is one of our trusted academic institutes and the link to its website can be found at the end of this article.

International mixture of students has always been their target to have a multicultural atmosphere and experience for applicants and to provide proper, professional and credible educational services to students.

If you want to apply to this university/ college, we recommend you read this review first to know more about the choice you are making as research about any steps for your future has always been advised.

In order to give you precise data about  Federal University of North Caucasus (Stavropol), our staffs researched and gathered some information directly from the the official web page and flyers of the university/college itself so you can be sure that the information is valid and up to date.

Before we begin to give you more details about this university, please note that if we somehow mention some negative points beside positive pointes about the institutes in our page, we do not mean to damage their reputation. we just want to reflect our client’s opinion about institutes.


 Federal University of North Caucasus (Stavropol)was built in year 2011 in  Stavropol..What is the ranking  of   Federal University of North Caucasus (Stavropol)?

According to website the ranking of  Federal University of North Caucasus (Stavropol)is 56in (Russia) and 2986in the worldThe North-Caucasus Federal University comprises ten institutes and two branches (Pyatigorsk and Nevinnomyssk):

  • Institute of Humanities;
  • Institute of Mathematics and Natural Sciences;
  • Institute of Life Sciences;
  • Institute of Law;
  • Institute of Economics and Management;
  • Institute of Education and Social Sciences;
  • Institute of Oil and Gas;
  • Institute of Information Technologies and Telecommunications;
  • Institute of Engineering

Students can start their course in 2 intakes at January and September.Annual Fee based on Different courses and undergraduate and postgraduate is 3860 $USD to for full time courses.

  1.    Passport
  1. Certificate of education, legalized at the consulate of the Russian Federation in a home country, and its translation into the Russian language, notarized by the notary bureau on the territory of Russia. The translation of the name and the surname must correspond to the visa! If the translation was made in the home country, the notarization must be done in the consulate of Russia.


  1. Filled in application form  Application form.doc (cкачиваний: 399)


  1. 6 lusterless photos, size 3*4 cm


  1. Medical certificate for studying at the university (0-86 form) including the fluorography results


  1. AIDS-certificate


  1. Certificate on vaccination


  1. Visa copy


  1. Letter confirming the recognition and acceptance of the equivalence of education certificate, issued by the Federal Education and Science Supervision Agency of the Russian Federation

During the study at the university you will live in student hostel, which is situated at the university campus. Comfortable renovated rooms are intended for 2 or 3 people. A separated bathroom (for two rooms) and a kitchen (for one section) are at your disposal.

Don’t forget to keep clean the room, kitchen and bathroom. If you break the rules, you will be moved from hostel. The manager of the students’ hostel will answer all your questions concerning your accommodation.

Hostel cost is 3000 rubles (approximately 100$) per month. Hostel fee is to be paid at the beginning of each month (including the summer holidays).

Hostel is a multinational student family. We hope that living in the students’ hostel will bring you joy and fun, because you can meet interesting people from different corners of the world there. Besides, communicating with Russian students will help you to make the acquaintance with the Russian culture and provide you good language experience.

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