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MSU Management and science university was built in year 2001 in Selangor.According to website the ranking of MSU Management and science university is 32 in Malaysia and 6746 in the world.Bachelor’s Degree at MSU Management and science university

Accessories Design


Aviation Management and Piloting


Biomedical Science – Bachelor (Hons)

Business Computing – Bachelor (Hons)

Business Foundation

Cardiovascular Technology – Bachelor (Hons)

Computer Engineering – Bachelor (Hons)

Computer Forensic – Bachelor (Hons)

Computer Science – Bachelor (Hons)

Counselling and Guidance (Hons) – Bachelor

Creative Mutimedia – Bachelor (Hons)

Creative Video and Photography – Bachelor (Hons)

Culinary Arts – Bachelor (Hons)

Early Childhood Education (Hons) – Bachelor

Early Childhood Education (PJJ) – Bachelor (Hons)

Early Childhood Education – Diploma

Education (Hons) (TESL) – Bachelor

Education (Science) – Bachelor (Hons)

Education (TESL) – Diploma

Education (Visual Arts) – Bachelor (Hons)

Engineering Technology (Electrical and Electronic) – Bachelor (Hons)

Entrepreneurship – Bachelor (Honours)

Event Management – Bachelor (Hons)

Fashion Design with Marketing – Bachelor (Hons)

Finance – Bachelor (Hons)

Food Service Technology – Bachelor (Hons)

Forensic Science – Bachelor (Hons)

Games Design and Animation, Bachelor (Hons)

Graphic Design, Bachelor (Hons)

Health Science Management – Bachelor (Hons)

Hospitality and Tourism Management – Bachelor (Hons)

Human Capital Management – Bachelor (Hons)

Industrial Management – Bachelor (Hons)

Information & Communication Technology, Bachelor (Hons)

Information Systems in Auditing – Bachelor (Hons)

Information Technology – Mobile Wireless and Technology – Bachelor (Hons)

Instructional Multimedia, Bachelor (Hons)

International Business – Bachelor (Hons)

Investment Management – Bachelor

Islamic Management – Bachelor (Hons)

Law and Commerce – Bachelor (Hons)

Marketing with Psychology – Bachelor (Hons)

Mechanical Engineering – Bachelor of Science (Hons)

Medical Sciences – Bachelor

Medicine And Bachelor in Surgery (MBBS) – Bachelor

Music (Composition and Arranging) – Bachelor (Honours)

Music Performance – Bachelor (Honours)

Music Technology – Bachelor (Hons)

New Media – Bachelor (Hons)

Nursing – Bachelor (Hons)

Nutrition – Bachelor (Hons)

Optometry – Bachelor (Hons)

Outdoor, Leisure and Adventure Management – Bachelor (Hons)

Patisserie Arts – Bachelor (Hons)

Pharmacy – Bachelor (Hons)

Product Design – Bachelor (Honours)

Psychology – Bachelor (Honours)

Public Relations Management – Bachelor (Hons)

Retail Management – Bachelor (Hons)

Science in Pharmaceuticals Technology – Bachelor (Hons)

Spa Management – Bachelor (Hons)

Traditional Chinese Medicine – Bachelor (Hons)

Visual Communication and Marketing, Bachelor (Hons)

Master’s Degree at MSU Management and science university

Accounting/Finance (By Research) – Master

Biomedical Sciences – Master

Biomedicine (by Research) – Master

Business Administration (MBA) – Master

Clinical Pharmacy – Master

Computer Science (By Research) – Master

Design – Master

Educational Management and Leadership – Master

Fashion Business – Master

Information and Technology – Master

International Business – Master

International Hospitality and Tourism Management, – Master

Pharmacy – Master

Science (Applied Science) – Master

Science in Engineering (By Research) – MasterStudents can start their course in MSU Management and science university in February, July and September.The cost of study in MSU Management and science university is vary from Us$10,000 for bachelor programs to Us$3000 for master programs.Required of documents for applying in MSU Management and science university are

Latest Academic transcripts and completion certificate

All Pages of passport

Passport-sized photograph

Completed Personal Details Form ( PD form )Most of our accommodation is within walking distance of the campus but transportation will be arranged for accommodations that are slightly away from MSU. The living cost is US$360 per month.

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