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University of central Florida was built in the year 1963 in Orlando, Florida, U.S.

What is the ranking of University of central Florida ?

According to www.4icu.orgwebsite the ranking of Washington Monthly is 103 in USA and top 300 in the worldUndergraduate Degrees

Accounting120credit hours

Actuarial Science120credit hours

Advertising-Public Relations120credit hours

Aerospace Engineering128credit hours

Anthropology120credit hours

Architecture120credit hours

Art – Emerging Media Track120credit hours

Art – History Track120credit hours

Art – Studio Art Track120credit hours

Art – Studio Track120credit hours

Art – Visual Arts and Emerging Media Management Track120credit hours

Athletic Training120credit hours

Biology120credit hours

Biomedical Sciences120credit hours

Biomedical Sciences – Molecular and Cellular Biology Track120credit hours

Biomedical Sciences – Molecular Microbiology Concentration120credit hours

Biomedical Sciences – Neuroscience Track120credit hours

Biomedical Sciences – Preprofessional Concentration120credit hours

Biotechnology120credit hours

Chemistry120credit hours

Chemistry – Biochemistry Track120credit hours

Civil Engineering128credit hours

Communication & Conflict120credit hours

Communication Sciences and Disorders120credit hours

Computer Engineering – Comprehensive Track128credit hours

Computer Engineering – Digital Circuits Track128credit hours

Computer Science120credit hours

Construction Engineering128credit hours

Criminal Justice120credit hours

Criminal Justice Scholar’s Track120credit hours

Digital Media120credit hours

Early Childhood Development and Education Track 1: Education: Pre-Kindergarten – Primary (PK-3)120credit hours

Early Childhood Development and Education Track 2: Early Childhood Development120credit hours

Economics120credit hours

Economics, Business120credit hours

Electrical Engineering – Communications and Signal Processing Track128credit hours

Electrical Engineering – Comprehensive Track128credit hours

Electrical Engineering – Power and Renewable EnergyTrack128credit hours

Electrical Engineering – RF and Microwaves Track128credit hours

Elementary Education120credit hours

English – Creative Writing120credit hours

English – Literature120credit hours

English – Technical Communication120credit hours

Entertainment Management120credit hours

Environmental Engineering128credit hours

Environmental Studies120credit hours

Event Management120credit hours

Exceptional Student Education120credit hours

Film120credit hours

Film – Cinema Studies Track120credit hours

Finance120credit hours

Forensic Science – Biochemistry Track124credit hours

Forensic Science – Chemistry Track124credit hours

French120credit hours

Health Informatics and Information Management120credit hours

Health Sciences120credit hours

Health Services Administration120credit hours

History120credit hours

Hospitality Management120credit hours

Human Communication120credit hours

Humanities and Cultural Studies120credit hours

Industrial Engineering128credit hours

Information Technology120credit hours

Integrated Business120credit hours

Interdisciplinary Studies120credit hours

Interdisciplinary Studies – Transnational Gender, Race, and Sexuality Studies Track120credit hours

International and Global Studies120credit hours

Journalism120credit hours

Latin American Studies120credit hours

Legal Studies120credit hours

Management120credit hours

Marketing120credit hours

Mathematics120credit hours

Mechanical Engineering128credit hours

Medical Laboratory Sciences126credit hours

Music120credit hours

Music – Jazz Studies Track120credit hours

Music – Music Composition Track120credit hours

Music – Music Performance Track120credit hours

Music Education132credit hours

Nonprofit Management120credit hours

Nursing120credit hours

Nursing – Concurrent A.S.N. to B.S.N. enrollment option120credit hours

Nursing – R.N. to B.S.N. Program120credit hours

Philosophy120credit hours

Photography127credit hours

Photonic Science and Engineering128credit hours

Physics120credit hours

Physics120credit hours

Political Science120credit hours

Political Science – Prelaw Track120credit hours

Psychology120credit hours

Public Administration120credit hours

Radio – Television120credit hours

Real Estate120credit hours

Religion and Cultural Studies120credit hours

Restaurant and Foodservice Management120credit hours

Secondary Education – English Language Arts Education Track120credit hours

Secondary Education – Mathematics Education Track120credit hours

Secondary Education – Science Education Biology Track120credit hours

Secondary Education – Science Education Chemistry Track120credit hours

Secondary Education – Science Education Physics Track120credit hours

Secondary Education – Social Science Education Track120credit hours

Social Sciences120credit hours

Social Work120credit hours

Sociology120credit hours

Spanish120credit hours

Sport and Exercise Science120credit hours

Statistics120credit hours

Teacher Education – Art Education Track126credit hours

Teacher Education – Physical Education Track120credit hours

Teacher Education – World Languages Education Spanish Track120credit hours

Technical Education and Industry Training120credit hours

Theatre – Acting Track129credit hours

Theatre – Design and Technology Track129credit hours

Theatre – Musical Theatre Track129credit hours

Theatre – Stage Management Track129credit hours

Theatre Studies120credit hours

Writing and Rhetoric120credit hours


Accounting21credit hours

Actuarial Science21credit hours

Aerospace Studies16credit hours

Africana Studies18credit hours

Aging Studies18credit hours

American Studies18credit hours

Anthropological Archaeology18credit hours

Anthropology18credit hours

Anthropology in Multicultural Studies18credit hours

Art – Studio24credit hours

Art Education18credit hours

Art History18credit hours

Asian Studies18credit hours

Astronomy19credit hours

Bioengineering38credit hours

Biological Anthropology18credit hours

Biology31credit hours

Biomedical Sciences30credit hours

Business18credit hours

Chemistry28credit hours

Coaching22credit hours

Cognitive Sciences18credit hours

Communication Sciences and Disorders24credit hours

Community Arts – PAVE18credit hours

Community Sport and Fitness18credit hours

Computer Science18credit hours

Crime, Law, and Deviance18credit hours

Criminal Justice18credit hours

Cultural Anthropology18credit hours

Dance18credit hours

Digital Humanities18credit hours

Digital Media18credit hours

Diplomacy18credit hours

Diversity and Social Inequality18credit hours

Early Childhood Development and Education21credit hours

Economics18credit hours

Education18credit hours

Emergency Management and Homeland Security18credit hours

Engineering Leadership19credit hours

English – Creative Writing18credit hours

English – Linguistics18credit hours

English – Literature18credit hours

English – Technical Communication18credit hours

English Language Arts Education18credit hours

Entrepreneurship18credit hours

Environmental Studies21credit hours

European Studies21credit hours

Event Management18credit hours

Exceptional Student Education18credit hours

Film – Cinema Studies18credit hours

Finance18credit hours

Fitness Training18credit hours

Florida Studies18credit hours

French18credit hours

Global Peace and Security Studies18credit hours

Global Sociology18credit hours

Health Informatics and Information Management20credit hours

Health Sciences18credit hours

Health Services Administration18credit hours

History18credit hours

Hospitality Management18credit hours

Human Communication21credit hours

Human Services18credit hours

Humanities and Cultural Studies18credit hours

Information Technology18credit hours

Intelligence and National Security18credit hours

Intelligent Robotic Systems (IRS) – Interdisciplinary18credit hours

International and Global Studies21credit hours

International Business18credit hours

International Engineering18credit hours

Italian18credit hours

Journalism Studies18credit hours

Judaic Studies20credit hours

Latin American Area Studies18credit hours

Leadership Studies19credit hours

Legal Studies21credit hours

Magazine Journalism18credit hours

Marketing18credit hours

Mass Communication18credit hours

Mass Culture and Collective Behavior18credit hours

Materials Science and Engineering18credit hours

Mathematical Biology24credit hours

Mathematics18credit hours

Mathematics Education18credit hours

Medical Anthropology18credit hours

Medical Sociology18credit hours

Medieval and Renaissance Studies18credit hours

Middle Eastern Studies18credit hours

Military Science19credit hours

Music19credit hours

Nanoscale Science and Technology18credit hours

Native American Studies18credit hours

Nonprofit Management/National Certification in Nonprofit Management18credit hours

Performing Arts Administration30credit hours

Philosophy18credit hours

Physics20credit hours

Political Science18credit hours

Political Science/Prelaw18credit hours

Pre-Law in the Humanities18credit hours

Professional Selling18credit hours

Psychology25credit hours

Public Administration21credit hours

Real Estate18credit hours

Religion and Cultural Studies18credit hours

Russian Studies18credit hours

Science Education19credit hours

Secure Computing and Networks18credit hours

Social Science Education18credit hours

Sociology18credit hours

Spanish18credit hours

Sport Business Management (SPB)18credit hours

Statistics18credit hours

Technical Education and Industry Training18credit hours

Technological Entrepreneurship18credit hours

Terrorism Studies18credit hours

Theatre18credit hours

Urban and Regional Planning21credit hours

Women’s and Gender Studies18credit hours

World Comparative Studies18credit hours

World Languages Education – English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)18credit hours

World Languages Education – Languages Other Than English (LOTE)18credit hours

Writing and Rhetoric18credit hours


Accounting MSA30credit hours

Aerospace Engineering MSAE30credit hours

Anthropology MA30credit hours

Applied Learning and Instruction MA33credit hours

Biology MS30-40credit hours

Biomedical Engineering MSBME30credit hours

Biomedical Sciences MS33credit hours

Biotechnology MS30credit hours

Business Administration MBA39credit hours

Career and Technical Education MA42-45credit hours

Chemistry MS30-31credit hours

Civil Engineering MS30credit hours

Civil Engineering MSCE30credit hours

Clinical Psychology MA61credit hours

Communication MA33-34credit hours

Communication Sciences and Disorders MA72credit hours

Computer Engineering MSCpE30credit hours

Computer Science MS30credit hours

Conservation Biology, Professional Science Master’s31-38credit hours

Counselor Education MASee catalog for credit hours

Counselor Education MEdSee catalog for credit hours

Creative Writing MFA36credit hours

Criminal Justice MS36credit hours

Curriculum and Instruction MEd33-36credit hours

Data Analytics MS30credit hours

Digital Forensics MS30credit hours

Digital Media MASee catalog for credit hours

Early Childhood Development and Education MS36credit hours

Economics MS30credit hours

Education EdSSee catalog for credit hours

Education Undecided or CertificationSee catalog for credit hours

Educational Leadership EdS36credit hours

Educational Leadership MA30credit hours

Educational Leadership MEd36credit hours

Electrical Engineering MSEE30credit hours

Elementary Education MA48credit hours

Elementary Education MEd30credit hours

Emerging Media MFA66credit hours

Engineering Management MSEM30credit hours

English MASee catalog for credit hours

English MA, Rhetoric and CompositionSee catalog for credit hours

Environmental Engineering MS30credit hours

Environmental Engineering MSEnvE30credit hours

Exceptional Student Education K-12 MA39credit hours

Exceptional Student Education MEd33credit hours

Forensic Science MS32-34credit hours

Health Administration MHASee catalog for credit hours

Health Care Informatics MS, Professional Science Master’s38credit hours

History MA36credit hours

Hospitality and Tourism Management MS33credit hours

Industrial and Organizational Psychology MS38credit hours

Industrial Engineering MS30credit hours

Industrial Engineering MSIE30credit hours

Instructional Design and Technology MA36credit hours

Interactive Entertainment MS30credit hours

Interdisciplinary Studies MASee catalog for credit hours

Interdisciplinary Studies MSSee catalog for credit hours

K-8 Mathematics and Science Education MEd36credit hours

Management MSMSee catalog for credit hours

Marriage, Couple, and Family Therapy MA63credit hours

Materials Science and Engineering MSMSE30credit hours

Mathematical Science MS30credit hours

Mechanical Engineering MSME30credit hours

Modeling and Simulation MS30credit hours

Music MA30-34credit hours

Nanotechnology MS30credit hours

Nanotechnology Professional Science Master’s30credit hours

Nondegree or TransientSee catalog for credit hours

Nonprofit Management MNM36credit hours

Nursing MSN36-46credit hours

Nursing NondegreeSee catalog for credit hours

Optics and Photonics MS30credit hours

Physics MS30credit hours

Political Science MA33credit hours

Public Administration MPA42credit hours

Reading Education MEd30credit hours

Real Estate MSRE30credit hours

Research Administration MRA36credit hours

School Psychology EdS83credit hours

Secondary Education MEd33credit hours

Social Work MSWSee catalog for credit hours

Sociology MA, Applied30credit hours

Spanish MA36credit hours

Sport and Exercise Science MS36credit hours

Sport Business Management MSBM45credit hours

Statistical Computing MS36credit hours

Taxation MST30credit hours

Teacher Education MATSee catalog for credit hours

Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages MA30-36credit hours

Theatre MA39credit hours

Theatre MFASee catalog for credit hours

Urban and Regional Planning MS48credit hours


Big Data Analytics PhD72credit hours

Biomedical Sciences PhD72credit hours

Business Administration PhD84credit hours

Chemistry PhD72credit hours

Civil Engineering PhD72credit hours

Clinical Psychology PhDSee catalog for credit hours

Computer Engineering PhD72credit hours

Computer Science PhD72credit hours

Conservation Biology PhD72credit hours

Criminal Justice PhD57credit hours

Curriculum and Instruction EdD54credit hours

Doctor of Medicine MDSee catalog for credit hours

Education PhD69-84credit hours

Educational Leadership EdD54-63credit hours

Electrical Engineering PhD72credit hours

Environmental Engineering PhD72credit hours

Hospitality Management PhD58credit hours

Human Factors and Cognitive Psychology PhDSee catalog for credit hours

Industrial and Organizational Psychology PhDSee catalog for credit hours

Industrial Engineering PhD72credit hours

Integrative Anthropological Sciences PhD51credit hours

Materials Science and Engineering PhD72credit hours

Mathematics PhD75credit hours

Mechanical Engineering PhD72credit hours

Modeling and Simulation PhD72credit hours

Nursing PhD72credit hours

Nursing Practice DNPSee catalog for credit hours

Optics and Photonics PhD72credit hours

Physical Therapy DPT112credit hours

Physics PhD72credit hours

Public Affairs PhD60credit hours

Security Studies PhD62credit hours

Sociology PhD60credit hours

Texts and Technology PhD57credit hours


Adult-Gerontology Acute Care Nurse Practitioner Graduate Certificate22credit hours

Adult-Gerontology Clinical Nurse Specialist Graduate Certificate18credit hours

Adult-Gerontology Primary Care Nurse Practitioner Graduate Certificate18credit hours

Advanced Quantitative Methodologies in Educational and Human Sciences Graduate Certificate12credit hours

Aging Studies15credit hours

Aging Studies Graduate Certificate15credit hours

Anatomical Sciences Graduate Certificate22credit hours

Anthropology of Global Health15credit hours

Applied Operations Research Graduate Certificate12credit hours

Autism Spectrum Disorders Graduate Certificate12credit hours

Behavioral Forensics33credit hours

Career Counseling Graduate Certificate12credit hours

Children’s Services18credit hours

Civics Teaching12credit hours

Clinical Nurse Leader Graduate Certificate12credit hours

Cognitive Sciences Graduate Certificate18credit hours

College Teaching and Leadership Graduate Certificate15credit hours

Computer Forensics Graduate Certificate12credit hours

Conservation Biology Graduate Certificate12credit hours

Corporate Communication Graduate Certificate18credit hours

Corrections Leadership Graduate Certificate12credit hours

Crime Analysis and Crime Mapping15credit hours

Crime Analysis Graduate Certificate12credit hours

Crime Scene Investigation15credit hours

Criminal Justice Executive Graduate Certificate12credit hours

Criminal Justice Management and Leadership18credit hours

Criminal Profiling15credit hours

Cyber Operations39credit hours

Design for Usability Graduate Certificate12credit hours

Destination Marketing and Management Graduate Certificate9credit hours

Diplomacy15credit hours

e-Learning Professional Development Graduate Certificate15credit hours

Emergency Management and Homeland Security Graduate Certificate18credit hours


Entrepreneurship12credit hours

Entrepreneurship Graduate Certificate9credit hours

ESOL Endorsement K-12 Graduate Certificate15credit hours

Ethics Graduate Certificate, Theoretical and Applied12credit hours

Event Management Graduate Certificate9credit hours

Family Nurse Practitioner Graduate Certificate22credit hours

Finance: Banking12credit hours

Finance: Corporate Finance12credit hours

Finance: Investments12credit hours

Fundraising Graduate Certificate18credit hours

Gender Studies12credit hours

Gender Studies Graduate Certificate12credit hours

Geographic Information Systems12credit hours

Geographic Information Systems Graduate Certificate12credit hours

Gifted Education Graduate Certificate15credit hours

Global Health and Public Affairs Graduate Certificate12credit hours

Global, International and Comparative Education Graduate Certificate15credit hours

Health Care Simulation Graduate Certificate9credit hours

Health Communication15credit hours

Health Information Administration Graduate Certificate20credit hours

Hispanic/Latino Media0credit hoursSee catalog for credit hours

Human Biology19credit hours

Initial Teacher Professional Preparation Graduate Certificate18credit hours

Instructional / Educational Technology Graduate Certificate15credit hours

Instructional Design for Simulations Graduate Certificate15credit hours

Instructional Design Graduate Certificate15credit hours

Intelligence and National Security12credit hours

Intelligence and National Security Graduate Certificate18credit hours

Intervention Specialist Graduate Certificate12credit hours

Judaic Studies15credit hours

Juvenile Justice Leadership Graduate Certificate12credit hours

K-8 Mathematics and Science Education Graduate Certificate12credit hours

Language Development and Disorders11credit hours

Leadership Studies13credit hours

Marriage, Couple, and Family Therapy Graduate Certificate15-17credit hours

Mathematical Science Graduate Certificate18credit hours

Mathematics and Science Educator Graduate Certificate12credit hours

Medical Speech-Language Pathology Graduate Certificate12credit hours

Military Social Work Graduate Certificate9credit hours

Modeling and Simulation of Behavioral Cybersecurity Graduate Certificate13credit hours

Modeling and Simulation of Technical Systems Graduate CertificateSee catalog for credit hours

Native American Studies15credit hours

Nonprofit Management18credit hours

Nonprofit Management Graduate Certificate18credit hours

Nursing Education Graduate Certificate9credit hours

Play Therapy Graduate Certificate12credit hours

Police Leadership Graduate Certificate12credit hours

Prekindergarten Disabilities Graduate Certificate12credit hours

Professional Writing Graduate Certificate15credit hours

Project Engineering Graduate Certificate12credit hours

Public Administration Graduate Certificate18credit hours

Public and Professional Writing12credit hours

Public Budgeting and Finance Graduate Certificate18credit hours

Quality Assurance Graduate Certificate12credit hours

Reading Education Graduate Certificate18credit hours

Research Administration Graduate Certificate18credit hours

SAS Data Mining Graduate Certificate15credit hours

Security Management15credit hours

Severe or Profound Disabilities Graduate Certificate15credit hours

Social Science Education Graduate Certificate12credit hours

Social Work Administration Graduate Certificate12credit hours

Spanish for Health Professionals15credit hours

Spanish for the Legal World15credit hours

Special Education Graduate Certificate18credit hours

Structural Engineering Graduate Certificate12credit hours

Substitute Teaching9credit hours

Supporting High Needs Populations Graduate Certificate12credit hours

Systems Engineering Graduate Certificate12credit hours

Teaching English as a Foreign Language12credit hours

Teaching English as a Foreign Language Graduate Certificate12credit hours

Technology Ventures Graduate Certificate9credit hours

Training Simulation Graduate Certificate9credit hours

Translation and Interpretation15credit hours

Transportation Engineering Graduate Certificate12credit hours

Urban and Regional Planning Graduate Certificate18credit hours

Victim Advocacy15credit hours

World Languages Education – English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) Graduate Certificate12credit hours

World Languages Education – Languages Other Than English (LOTE) Graduate Certificate12credit hours

Articulated Programs

Applied Science B.A.S.120credit hours

Criminal Justice – A.S. to B.S. Track130credit hours

Hospitality Management – A.S. to B.S. Track124credit hours

Nursing – A.S. to B.S.N. Track128credit hours

Accelerated Programs

Aerospace Engineering – Accelerated Undergraduate-Graduate Program128credit hours

Communication Sciences and Disorders – Accelerated Undergraduate-Graduate Program120credit hours

Computer Engineering – Accelerated Undergraduate-Graduate Program128credit hours

Computer Science – Accelerated Undergraduate-Graduate Program120credit hours

Electrical Engineering – Accelerated Undergraduate-Graduate Program128credit hours

History – Accelerated Undergraduate-Graduate Program120credit hours

Industrial Engineering – Accelerated Undergraduate-Graduate Program128credit hours

Mechanical Engineering – Accelerated Undergraduate-Graduate Program128credit hours

Nursing – Accelerated Second Degree B.S.N. Option60credit hours

UCF Legal Studies/Barry Law/Touro Law Accelerated Legal Studies Degree Program120credit hoursSemester        Deadline

Fall                  May 1

Spring            November 1

Summer          March 1


Semester        Deadline

Fall                 July 1

Spring             November 1

Summer          March 1


Semester        Deadline

Fall                  March 1

Spring              November 1

Summer          January 1Cost of Attendance     In-state: $22,501 Out-of-state: $38,600

Tuition and Fees         In-state: $6,368 Out-of-state: $22,467

Room and Board         $10,011

Books and Supplies     $1,152

Other Expenses           $4,970

 The academic documents required will vary based upon your entry level.


Freshmen (an applicant who has/will have completed 0-11 semester hours of post-secondary credit after secondary school completion):

Secondary school credentials:

U.S. secondary schools

Submit official transcripts from all U.S. secondary schools attended.

International secondary schools


Completed student Application form. (Online)

Scanned image of valid Passport.

Photocopy of your Academic Transcripts from your previous studies.

Application fee.

IELTS Test Score differs according to field of study.

IETLS 6 with Minimum 5.5 band score for bachelor degree.

IELTS 6.5 with Minimum 6 band score for Master’s degree.

IELTS 7 with Minimum 6.5 band score for Doctorate degree

The following tests are accepted for entry into degree-level courses:

International English Language Testing System (IELTS) (Academic)

NorthView is an annual community where offices and apartments stay open to residents all year round, including holiday breaks. Management by UCF Housing means that rent can be billed and paid by semester through the myUCF student account. Financial Aid, grants and scholarships, as well as the Florida Prepaid Dormitory Plan, can be used toward your housing payments at NorthView.


Floor Plans

Note: All NorthView floorplan types will be furnished in either the Honey Gold or Blue Grey design collection as shown below. Colors and furnishings shown in the floorplans below are for reference and may vary depending on your specific room assignment.

Pricing and Amenities


Our pricing is set by floor plan type. There are no up-charges for views, floors, design features or specific bedrooms.


Type                                              Fall              Spring                 Summer

4 Bed / 4 Bath Apartment      $3,715               $3,715               $2,478

4 Bed / 4 Bath Loft                   $3,855             $3,855               $2,570

2 Bed / 2 Bath Apartment      $3,990             $3,990              $2,660

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