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How is the Gisma university?
How do we introduce Gisma university?
Is the Gisma university a good and proper one for your target?

In this short text we will provide you some necessary information about the Gisma university whose main campus is Germany.
Please note that this information is about our research about Gisma university,you may also research more about that and gain more data about it. This is only our research about Gisma university which presents our Idea and opinion so please for more information, we refer you to research more.
Gisma university whose link of web sight is mentioned here at the ending part of the page is one of our trusted academic institutes.
There is always international mixture of student atmosphere in their target and they try to provide proper and accepted educational services to students.
If you want to apply for this university, we recommend you to read this text first to know more about that, in fact we recommend research about any steps for your future.
In order to give you precise data about Gisma university, our staffs researched and mentioned some information exactly from the web page and flyers of the university it self.
Before we begin to give you more details about this university , we would like to emphasize our intention for being honest toward our customers ,so please note that ,if we some how mention some negative points beside positive pointes about the institutes in our our webpage , we do not mean to target any reputation but we just want to reflect our client’s opinion about institutes.

Gisma university was built in year 1999 in Hannover.What is the ranking of Gisma university?
According to website the ranking of Gisma university is 33 in Germany and 633 in the worldMBA Programmes:
The Magellan MBA
Grenoble MBA

Master’s Degrees:
Business Programmes
Marketing Programmes
Information Technology (IT) Programmes
Human Resources Programmes
Finance Programmes

Executive Education at GISMA:
Finance & Accounting
Entrepreneurship & Start-up
Leadership & Management
Food & Agribusiness
Customised Executive Education

Language Programmes:
University Pathway Programme
German LanguageStudents can start their course in Gisma university at  september, january and februaryGrenoble MBA € ۳۳,۰۰۰.۰۰
Grenoble MIB € ۲۲,۰۰۰.۰۰
Grenoble MSc Innovation, Strategy & Entrepreneurship € ۲۲,۰۰۰.۰۰
Grenoble MSc Marketing Management € ۲۲,۰۰۰.۰۰
The Magellan MBA € ۲۵,۰۰۰.۰۰
MSc Corporate Financial Management € ۱۵,۰۰۰.۰۰
MSc International Marketing € ۱۵,۰۰۰.۰۰
MSc Leadership and HR Management € ۱۵,۰۰۰.۰۰
MSc Strategic Business Management € ۱۵,۰۰۰.۰۰
MSc Project Management € ۱۵,۰۰۰.۰۰
MSc IT Security Management € ۱۵,۰۰۰.۰۰
MSc Data Analytics and Marketing € ۱۵,۰۰۰.۰۰
Executive Education From € ۲۴۰
Languages Programmes From € ۲۰۰ per week
University Pathway Programme € ۶۵۰۰.۰۰You can start your accommodation process at GISMA once you receive your visa and book your flight ticket. The process is as follows:

The “Accommodation & Airport Pick-Up Application form” can be completed here.
After you send your application, you will receive an accommodation offer after a minimum of two weeks.
Your offer will include: a description of the accommodation, local area, and costs (rent, deposits, accommodation fee, etc.). If you decline our offer, you will only receive one more
If you accept, you will receive booking confirmation – including payment details from your landlord.
If you request Airport Pick-Up in your application, you will also receive confirmation for this.
Please note: help with your accommodation is not offered as part of your programme fees.Entry Requirements
Every programme has its own entry requirements, so make sure to check our programmes page to see specific information.

The minimum entry requirements for GISMA are:

IELTS — overall band score from 6.0
Strong undergraduate degree from a recognised university
GMAT and three or more years of postgraduate work experience (only for the Magellan MBA and Grenoble MBA).

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